Your Data Delivered with a Human Touch

Count on Tainerex

At Tainerex, our dedication to quality assurance is unmatched. Over the years, we’ve built a quality-assurance system of checks and balances that permeates every aspect of our business. Here’s how we quantify qualitative data for you and create a report you can trust.

Careful review

Tainerex quality assurance experts meticulously review all field representative surveys to ensure they’re completed according to our high-quality standards before we provide the information to you. Our quality assurance team is supplemented by automated checks for consistent answers, advanced branching rules and back-end fraud and error detection systems.

Extensive narratives

We offer a variety of surveys and question types, including qualitative surveys, quantitative surveys and a combination of both. If required for your specific project, we would gather in-depth reports from our field representatives that allow us to understand unique aspects of an interaction that can’t be captured with survey questions alone.

If there’s ever a question about content, we contact the field representative to clarify. If we discover the assignment was not performed according to program requirements, we remove the results and allow another field representative to perform the contracted assignment at no charge to you.

Reports customized for you

Tainerex provides survey and audit data the way you need it, from aggregate to detailed reports on each interaction. From your customized dashboard, you can see recent results and trends. Our tools allow you to create custom reports, send reports directly to employees or managers, use action plans and alerts to ensure managers follow-up on issues, and more. Putting feedback about customer satisfaction in the hands of employees, managers, coaches and executives can directly impact customer service.

Careful Review for High-Quality Data

Many of our competitors don’t even employ quality editors. Are you willing to make critical business decisions based on data that may not be accurate? Tainerex’s exceptional staff of quality assurance editors are thoroughly instructed on how to work with each client and their custom reports.

Tainerex quality assurance editors scrutinize scores and narratives, dates, times, receipts and underlying methodologies while preserving the voice of the field representative. Surveys that don’t adhere to our strict quality assurance standards are rejected. Tainerex also reviews the work of our quality editors and randomly performs spot checks to ensure that quality editors are continually meeting our stringent standards.

You can be confident that each and every mystery shop, intercept interview, compliance audit, panel/focus group discussion or survey will be performed to your exact requirements. We guarantee it.

Supported by Smart Technology

Our IT staff works hard to provide quality data with our rules-based tracking system. Here’s how:


Automated quality control

A manual review by our quality assurance team is supplemented by automated checks for consistent answers, advanced branching rules and back-end fraud and error detection systems. We love complicated algorithms. We audit our field representatives’ scoring habits to ensure that scoring is not biased, and if field representatives consistently submit all high scores or low scores, they’re targeted for further review.

Time tracking

We even track how much time each field representative spends reviewing client requirements and completing each page of our online survey forms. This is just one of many quality control measures that allows us to determine whether adequate time was spent completing an assignment.

Assignment tracking

We also limit how many times a field representative can visit the same location or client in a given month, year or period. Limiting exposure at a single location greatly helps to maintain anonymity, which ultimately increases the quality of our services.