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Becoming a Field Representative

Headquartered near Baltimore, MD, Tainerex is one of the world’s largest mystery shopping, market research and customer experience measurement companies. We partner with clients in a wide range of industries, such as restaurants, retail establishments, banks, auto service operations and casinos to provide feedback regarding the customer experience.

“Field representative” is how we refer to all who perform the following services for Tainerex’s clients:

  • Mystery shoppers (a.k.a. “secret shoppers”) pose as customers in order to evaluate the quality of customer service they receive. They will perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product or posing a specific scenario, and then providing critical insights needed for an organization/brand to drive effective change within their business.
  • Intercept interviewers directly gather information from customers as they exit the store. Retailers use the survey results to understand how to improve shopping experiences for their customers.
  • Compliance auditors review adherence to company and/or regulatory guidelines, such as product pricing and placement, employee procedures, data security and more.
  • Panelists participate in moderator-led panel or focus-group discussions that allow respondents to offer their opinions and feelings about products or services.

Successful Tainerex field representatives are detail oriented, dedicated to honoring commitments and able to follow detailed instructions, write fact-based reports and meet deadlines. If you’re 18 years of age or older with good written communication skills and full internet access, please complete and submit our free online application form.

There are many benefits to becoming a Tainerex field representative, including opportunities to:

  • Earn extra money, free meals or services
  • Help companies improve their customer service
  • Try new businesses and services
  • Get bonuses for referring friends and family to Tainerex

Most field representatives are automatically placed in our system of eligible contractors when their application is submitted. Field representatives who are flagged for manual activation will be contacted within 5-10 business days. When you’re activated in our system, you’ll receive an email with your ShopperID and password.

No, Tainerex does not require a fee to become a mystery shopper. Reputable mystery shopping companies generally do not charge “membership fees,” and you should be cautious if a company requests an up-front fee to become a shopper.

Some Tainerex assignments require the purchase of a meal or a small item based on client specifications. These assignments generally include a reimbursement, which will be listed on each assignment-instructions page.

As an independent contractor, we cannot require you to take a minimum number of assignments. The maximum number of assignments you may take in a month varies depending upon client requirements. All evaluation opportunities will be offered on a project-by-project basis. Tainerex has no obligation to offer the contractor any minimum number of opportunities, and the contractor has no obligation to accept any minimum number of opportunities that Tainerex offers, or any at all.


Tainerex field representatives are independent contractors who are paid based on the assignments they select. Depending upon the assignment, payment may be a reimbursement for a meal or purchase and/or a cash payment. Our field representatives can choose to be paid by Check i.e (Cashier’s or Business check), or gift card, and they are responsible for calculating and paying their own income taxes according to IRS 1099 rules.

** Mystery shoppers are paid or compensated via Check (Via Mail or E-Check) or Gift Card
** Mail : send check to mystery shopper’s address
** E check: Send the PDF copy of the check to mystery shopper’s email ( mystery shopper is advise to pick this method because it’s very fast, easy and convenient, it’s all about printing the PDF copy of the check on a hologram check paper or white paper and deposit it via a mobile deposit via their bank app on the mobile mobile phone or computer )

After we receive field representatives’ assignments (within the specified timeframe), Tainerex staff validate and process payments. If field representatives don’t adhere to all assignment specifications, Tainerex reserves the right to withhold all or part of the specified compensation.

The payment process generally takes three to four weeks after assignment completion.

No, field representatives are considered independent contractors and perform market research services on behalf of Tainerex’s clients. Tainerex field representatives, including mystery shoppers, intercept interviewers, compliance auditors and panelists, are independent contractors (with the exception of field representatives who live in the state of Nevada). Some field representatives do an occasional assignment for fun and extra cash, while others select multiple assignments each month. Most field representatives perform assignments for multiple mystery shopping companies.

Once a field representative completes and receives payment for a project/assignment, neither party (Tainerex or Contractor) shall have any ongoing contractual duties to the other, until such time as Tainerex offers, and field representative contractually agrees to perform another project/assignment.

payments are processed and paid every week. Contractors may choose to be paid via check or gift card


Tainerex supports all modern browsers. We recommend:

  • Google Chrome 29 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 28 or higher
  • Safari 10.3 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge

All available assignments are always listed on our website. Once you are in our system, check the My Assignments page regularly — new assignments are added throughout the month. You can also search for assignments in other areas if you want to pick up projects while traveling. Based upon the preferences you specify in your account settings, you can also be informed of assignments by phone, text or email.

As an independent contractor, the distance you travel is completely up to you. Tainerex does not reimburse travel expenses, which is why we suggest you request shops in your local area. However, you may perform assignments anywhere you may be traveling.

If you’re interested in areas outside your local state, contact your Field Operations Project Manager to locate assignments in your areas of travel. Please note, however, that client survey deadlines will still apply and you should make prior arrangements to ensure you’ll have access to the internet while out of town.

We believe that communication is a key component to our relationships with our field representatives. Therefore, a Field Operations Project Manager from Tainerex will be available to provide you with client requirement details in order for you to successfully perform your assignment. You’ll also receive (via the MSPA website) the specific evaluation criteria that our clients are looking for with each and every assignment, as well as how to properly complete each assignment survey.

Quality assurance editors review and evaluate all assignments. At times you may be contacted by one of our editors for additional information and you can always contact us if you have questions regarding your work. We want to help you do the best work possible for our clients.

As an independent contractor, you may sign up for assignments on our website, via email or phone/SMS. Details about the assignment, location and reimbursement are provided online. Once you take an assignment, you can review the full set of client instructions online.

Yes, all of your surveys will be completed online. Field representatives must have reliable internet access to perform assignments for Tainerex. Assignments may be completed with any modern browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone.